"I am happy with **** progress and I know that she is more than ready for school and is really looking forward to it. Her struggle with separation has improved but it is something to be mindful of."


"I am happy with what Alison has said about *****." (EAL family)


"***** loves to come to pre-school and talked excitedly about all the activities. She’s very excited about starting big school and points it out every time we pass."


"I am happy that *** progress is really good at pre-school." (EAL family)

We are all really happy been in this pre-school where all the staff are really helpful and trustful (EAL family)


"The pre-school has been a great help to *** we have seen his progress and how he has developed, the staff have been great – Becci has been especially great –Excellent!"


"I am really happy about how much *** is looked after and how much she is learning in this pre-school." (EAL Family)


"I agree with all transition comments, and I can just add that she made a bug progress in English at home and uses English words for daily routines." (EAL family)


"** seems more confident and feels a lot more at east and confident towards a lot of things, she is practising at home a lots to write her name and loves story time at home."


"We are pleased with how our son has grown and learned so much and built confidence with all the help of cullompton pre school."


"Very happy with our daughters progress at pre school."


"Our daughter in always happy to go to pre school and pleased to see Karen."


"Ella has grown in confidence a lot over the past year. She loves books, reading and drawing and is really looking forward to big school."


"I’m very happy with my daughter’s development."


"My son has come on so well at pre-school, making very close relationships with staff and children!"

"My daughter is really enjoying her time at preschool and although quiet when there is happily talking about what she has done through the day. She is happy when there are always excited about going."


"I believe my daughter is more than ready for school with lots of confidence and lots of friends. She will achieve well in school – looking forward to the next chapter in her life."


"*** has loved her time at pre-school and has really grown in confidence during her time here. She loves reading and writing and her spelling is getting really good now."


"It has been a true joy to see *** confidence and independence blossom over the last couple of terms at pre-school. I am really confident that she will manage this transition with ease, she is more than ready and very eager to immerse herself in school life she has heard about from her siblings."


"We are really happy with how *** has progressed through his pre-school year. His confidence, social skills and play alongside others has been lovely to watch developing. I can see numbers being a very strong point for him he has a great memory."


"Both myself and *** Dad are both very happy and grateful to/with pre-school and send our many thanks to everyone who has prepared our daughter for school."